Why did you ship me a cardboard case?

Though it may look like cardboard, it is really just a protective paper that is on the acrylic. It should can be peeled off using a fingernail or credit card edge.  Another option is soaking that piece in warm water. The paper should slide right off, leaving no residue.

Where can I find instructions for my case?

You can visit this page where we have all the instructions for every case.

Will the addition of a hat fit in the case with my Raspberry Pi?

Our cases are designed for a pretty snug fit to the pi, so if you are looking to add things to your pi we would suggest you look at using the Zebra Top Hat Short or Tall or the Pi Squared Case that comes in several variations as well.

Do you have a case that fits_______?

If you don’t see a case for a particular board on our site, we probably haven’t made it yet. We are always willing to take suggestions. (It is most likely on our radar and maybe you are the nudge we need.) You can send us your wish list here.

Does the case come with heatsinks?

All of our cases come with heatsinks if the board uses them.  Some boards, such as the tinker board, come with its own. Also, Arduino’s don’t use them.

Do you do custom logos?

Yes. We offer custom work for existing cases as well as alterations on cases. We can send you our cost sheet. Keep in mind the multiple cases for a custom job are more affordable than work on just one single case.

Do you offer wholesale pricing on your cases?

Yes! If you are a company looking to purchase our cases at wholesale, inquire here.  The more you buy the better the price.

Why does shipping cost so much outside of the United States?

Our shipping costs are the actual prices that the Postal Service charges us. If you live in a country that charges customs, be aware that they may hold your case at the Postal Office until you can come in and pay custom fees.

There is a problem with the case you sent me. What should I do?

Please email dustin@c4labs.net. We care about our customers and want you to have exactly what you need.