Meet the CEO

Dustin Smith, Creator of C4Labs

I grew up in the country, exploring the woods and building things. My mom wasn’t always thrilled with the things I hauled onto the property, or the times I ended up in emergency (especially the head trauma unit, which shouldn’t have happened–we had the parachute hooked up just right behind the truck and I was just the photographer for that trip). But after some bumps along the way, I now find myself in my dream job – working with neat people to make interesting things for other neat people. From a friend’s garage to the current warehouse, C4Labs has grown in ways I’d never imagined. We design and produce our own products and then ship them all over the world.

My employees and I see our customers as people, not income. In a similar way, each person who works at C4Labs is greatly valued. Because of that, they pass their passion along to our customers, whether it be in quality or conversations. Opportunities are all around us. We have the fun of making them come to life.

C4Labs is about cultivating the potential I see in people/society and enjoying the adventure along the way. Building a strong product base is Phase One of what I hope will be an opportunity to open Maker Spaces and help educate young entrepreneurs.


meet the team


Packager, Shipper, Hub Extraordinaire of C4Labs


Customer Service Ambassador, Website Designer


Game Product Designer, Executive Thing-doer


Special Projects Coordinator, Designer